Gardening Naturally Organic is just what it says. What better way to live and enjoy eating FRESH food without any of the pesticides or other chemicals that are put into our food system today. You will have more energy, be healthier, and I’m willing to bet, live longer on an organic diet. It is much easier than you think and the fruits and vegetables of your labor (joy) tastes soooooo much better.

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Woodlink Bird Feeder

  • Durable powder coated steel body
  • Squirrel's weight on perch closes access to seed
  • Double sided attracts more birds
  • Large 2 gallon (12 lb.) capacity
  • No waste seed saver baffle
  • 12-Pound mixed seed capacity
  • Adjustable weight setting allows you to select size and type of birds to feed
  • Fully assembled; Made in USA
  • Hang or pole mount with included hangar, 5 ft. pole and mounting hardware.
The Absolute® II Squirrel Proof feeder is perfect for the bird enthusiast. This attractive, double-sided feeder will attract a wide array of birds to your yard, with a locking top and metal spring-activated perches that work together to keep squirrels away. This rugged, all-metal squirrel-proof feeder has two counter balance perches adjustable to three positions to allow light, medium or heavy birds on the perch. The wrong bird or squirrel closes access to seed. Top locks down securely prevent

List Price: $ 89.99 Price: $ 59.43

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2014 Susenstore New E27 138led 3w Plant Grow Light Bulb Garden Hydroponic Lamp (C)

  • 100% Brand New, high quality
  • Low heat, no UV or IR light radiation
  • Red light stimulate flowering and seed production
  • Blue light stimulate stem and leaf growth
  • Shell Material: PVC
Brightness: 560LM
Power: 3W
Input Voltage: AC 180~240V
LED number: 138
LED light color: Blue + Red
Viewing angle: 180˚
Dimension: 80*Φ94mm
Weight: Approx 68g
Easy and Convenient to use
Package including:
1 x Plant Grow Light (With retailing packing)

List Price: $ 14.28 Price: $ 4.25

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Eve's Bonsai Humidity Drip Tray 4" x 6" with Pebbles

  • Used to protect surfaces and maintain moisture levels around Bonsai between watering
  • Tray has raised legs on the corners and underneath for increased support
  • Made of Black Plastic
  • Outside measures 4" x 6", Inside measures 3" x 5"
  • Includes bag of pebbles
A Bonsai Humidity Tray is an essential Bonsai accessory. Bonsai Humidity Trays are used to protect surfaces and maintain moisture levels around Bonsai between watering. To use your Bonsai Humidity Tray, layer pebbles on the tray and place the Bonsai Tree on top of the pebbles. As you water your Bonsai, the excess water will drain from the holes in the bottom of the Bonsai container onto the tray. Keep some water in the tray at all times to provide a humid environment for your Bonsai.

Price: $ 8.00

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Organic Golden Flax Seeds - 1 Lb Resealable Bag - Yellow / Gold Flaxseeds - Flax Seed for Sprouting, Grinding, Omega Oils, Baking

  • Certified Organic Golden Flaxseed
  • 16 Oz. Resealable Bag
  • Suitable for sprouting, cooking, baking, grinding, smoothies, etc...
  • Great source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential oils
Certified organic golden flax seeds are suitable for sprouting and use in cooking and baking. Ideal as a source for omega essential oils when ground and added to cereals, smoothies, etc...

List Price: $ 4.95 Price: $ 4.99

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Victor Poison-Free M530 Fly Magnet Disposable Fly Trap

  • Poison-free fly trap designed to eliminate house flies, barn flies, and bottle flies
  • Patented bait formula eliminates more flies than other baits on the market
  • Snap-on top eliminates messy disposal; includes hanging mechanism
  • Comes fully assembled, no cutting required; simply add water to activate
  • Ideal for backyard entertaining; hang away from busy areas
This poison-free Fly Magnet disposable fly trap attracts house, barn and bottle flies. The bag trap is easy to use - just add water and hang. A hanger for the bag is included. The design provides for clean disposal - just snap top onto trap to seal and then place in trash. It's that convenient! Take back your yard with Victor Poison-Free Fly Magnet traps, which are designed to eliminate house flies, barn flies, bottle flies, and other outdoor pests. The flytraps are made using a patented bait fo

List Price: $ 9.99 Price: $ 5.03

More Organic Seeds Products

Amy Hybrid Canary Melon Seeds - Cucumis Melo - 0.5 Grams - Approx 10 Gardening Seeds - Vegetable Garden Seed

  • Cucumis melo
  • 0.5 Grams: Approx 10 Seeds
  • Germination Rate: 85% - Purity: 99% - Country of Origin: USA
  • Days Until Harvest: 70-80
  • Generic Seeds: The Same High Quality Seeds Made By Mother Nature Just in Cheaper Packaging
The Canary Melon looks like a golden yellow cantaloupe without netting on the rind and are ready for harvest when the color is brightest. The Amy Hybrid fruits have sweet white flesh inside with small seed cavities. The vines are hearty and grow to 6 feet long..

List Price: $ 8.45 Price: $ 5.99

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